With the topsy-turvy, emotional election Americans have just experience, the release of Miss Sloane is right on time.  Not to mention, that this is the performance for which Jessica Chastain will be most remembered for.

As whip-smart, ruthless lobbyist Elizabeth Sloane, Chastain masters and delivers rapid fire dialogue notably associated with celebrated television writer Aaron Sorkin.  Sloane’s commitment to taking anyone and everyone down, including herself makes for an extremely interesting roller-coaster ride with an ending that smacks you in the face like a ton of bricks!! It’s all done with such an alarming speed, that if one is not paying attention,  you might miss a clue or two.


Director John Madden has outdone himself on this one assembling one of the most fabulous onscreen cast this awards season.  The twists and turns are dizzying, yet yummy and fascinating thanks to the brilliant writing skills of John Perera.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw can literally inhabit any type of character in any type of setting with a childlike vulnerability that is beautifully endearing to watch. However, it is layered with a quiet internal strength that took me from having empathy to having admiration.


Allison Pill , Sam Waterston, John Lithgow and the rest of this cast are stellar!  They not only compliment each other, but are the perfect support for Jessica Chastain.


Miss Sloane gives you an up close view at just how far a lobbyist will go to get what they want.

Miss Sloane can be seen nationwide TODAY.


Click HERE to watch Miss Sloane trailer

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