AFI, like many festivals worldwide, wholeheartedly support their alumni and this year is no different!

AFI alum Logan Sandler makes his directorial debut with LIVE CARGO.  Sandler along with Director of Photography Daniella Nowitz  frame its Bahamian location with lots of imagery masked mostly in Black and White.  Watching a black and white film forces the audience to use their imagination while watching this cinematic piece of yumminess.

The most fascinating thing about this film is its opening of a young Nadine and Lewis, who have just lost their child.  The close-ups on their faces as they experience this loss is uncomfortable to watch and it should be.  That one moment sets the tone for the rest of the film.


The underwater scenes are simply majestic to witness and the masterful way in which simmering tensions, stalled aspirations and dark secrets lurk around every corner make it hard to turn away from this unique piece of festival cinema.


LIVE CARGO was one of many films featured at the 2016 AFI Film Festival and it made it premiere this Spring at the Tribeca Film Festival.


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