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Let me tell you something, Trolls had me singing and feeling happier than I had in months!!!  A smile stayed on my face for hours after I left the theatre.!!!

Who knew that those little weird looking dolls would be able to elevate such a human emotion,  Trolls, the latest animated creation by Dreamworks is delightful and  are as adorable as a brand  puppy.

troll dolls

Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger, Erica Rivinoja and Thomas Dam created dialogue that is current and will resonate with viewers of all ages, creeds and colors.  I literally laughed out loud!  They even had choreography and were truly getting down with the best of them!

animated trolls

Justin TImberlake is doing double duty as the voice of Branch, while providing a score that literally will make you dance out of your seat!  With music ranging from everything to Simon & Garfunkel to Earth, Wind & Fire, you will be ready to rock it out from the first note to the last.

Trolls is a great family outing and a sorely needed pick me up for when life gets to be just a little too serious!  Do you have to look for happiness outside of yoruself or within?  Let the Trolls take you and the kids out and rock out!

Watch the trailer HERE

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