In the last year, there have been a several films dealing the greed and corrupters of US banking institutions and how they have manipulated Americans into thinking they have our backs.

Who can forget the housing crisis of 2006?  How many homeowners (myself included) wound up homeless, broke or repeatedly denied a modification because they “trusted” the bank’s advice or those “money monsters” encouraging them to invest in companies like Goldman Sachs, Chase and countless others.

How many people watch Jim Cramer and his outrageous antics on CNBC urging people to invest in this or that stock?

Well, Director Jodie Foster blows the lid off Money Monster, as she takes a very intimate look at what happens when  an investor loses everything he has.  His money, his mind, his girl and his life.

It was a rollercoaster ride in some aspects and a very similar story we have seen a million times before, i.e. Dog Day Afternoon.  However, none of that negates from the fact that Foster manages to keep you riveted to the screen with many twists, turns and drama from the first frame to the last.  Having George Clooney and Julia Roberts undeniable chemistry doesn’t hurt either.

If nothing else, it’s worth it to just watch George Clooney single-handedly become the “rhythmless nation” all by himself.

Money Monster opened in theaters nationwide on May 20th.  Check it out…it truly is a blast!!!



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