13 Days of Halloween – Scream


In 1996, Wes Craven, right off the success of his “Nightmare On Elm Street” created yet another little nugget for us called SCREAM.  One might think of it as the prequel for “Scream Queens” and “American Horror Story”.

Neve Campbell (Sidney) was the Hollywood darling of the moment, as she was starring in the hit television drama “Party of Five”.  Attempting to cope with her mother’s murder, Sidney and her horror movie-obsessed friends (Drew Barrymore, Skeet Ulrich, Courtney Cox, Rose McGowan and David Arquette) are stalked by a murderer who seems to have a hard time letting the past go.

Grossing nearly 162 million dollars worldwide, it broke box office records and many a parody was done at their expense.

A few little trivia tidbits

  • Wes Craven discovered the Ghostface mask while scouting for filming locations in California. Craven was walking throughout a possible filming-house, and inside one of the rooms he saw the mask hung on a wall. He sent a photo to Dimension Films and they told him to have the prop department make a mask similar to the mask in the bedroom, as they did not own the rights to the mask.


  • Melissa Joan Hart, Brittany Murphy, Alicia Witt, Melanie Lynskey and Melinda Clarke all auditioned for the role of Sidney Prescott.
  • These are the horror film rules as stated in the movie:
      • 1. You will not survive if you have sex
      • 2. You will not survive if you drink or do drugs
      • 3. You will not survive if you say “I’ll be right back”
      • 4. Everyone is a suspect.
      • 5. You will not survive if you ask “Who’s there?”
      • 6. You will not survive if you go out to investigate a strange noise.

Enjoy a look back at trailer for SCREAM

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