I am a proud owner of an original.  An item that started out as the American dream and has now become  a staple of classic sports cars – The Ford Mustang.  Director David Gelb gives us an inside look at an American institution and the crown jewel of the Ford Fleet.

Did you know that all beginnings of a Ford Mustang begin with a full-sized clay model and that it was originally designed by Gale Haldeman?  Or that in the 50 years of its existence is has been redesigned six times…the last time being in 2009?

Edsel Ford is considered by many to be the greatest contributor of the assembly line.  Not to mention that Henry Ford II and Lee Iacocca introduced the notion of  the car payments allowing many Americans take advantage of purchasing a vehicle back in 1956 with their ’56 for $56@month slogan.

A Faster Horse is a behind the scenes look at what makes the Mustang fast, fun and the inspiration of 250 Mustang clubs with over 500,000 members.  This fascinating doc made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival this Spring and can be see at Vimeo-On-Demand as of October 8th,


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