Review: SPY



I have mentioned numerous times on this blog how much I adore Melissa McCarthy to the point where I feel like I may be a cinema stalker of her films…lol.  With that said, she is at it again on the silver screen doing her own stunts, being fabulous,smart all while being an international “Spy”.  It was hella fun and I totally see a sequel happening.

Directed and written by Paul Feig, Susan Cooper “Coop” (Melissa McCarthy) is a desk bound CIA analyst who finds herself going undercover on a “retain info only” assignment that ultimately turns into a full-blown action-adventure in which Coop find out that being in the field is not as glamarous as it looks on her computer screen.

Melissa McCarthy had me rolling as usual and I was impressed to find out that she performed some her own stunts including hanging from a helicopter and riding a European motorcycle.  Her interpretation of “Coop” was layered and not cartoonish by any stretch, which is one of the things I really appreciate abour her films.

Jude Law was comically charming as the object of Coop’s affection and a joy in this film.

The standout for me though was Coops’s best friend Sharon played brilliantly by Miranda Hart who is a huge sitcom star in the UK with several nominations for her roles on “Miranda and “Call the Midwife”

“Spy” is major fun and if you really want to get you giggle on this is totally the film for you.

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