Review: Grace of Monaco


When people dream of marrying royalty, they rarely comprehend what that really means. All the while, adding a culture that is one million miles away from everything you know.

Grace Kelly was beautiful, smart and living the real-life fantasy of every little girl – being a princess.    The price paid for being a movie star is enormous, however, no one could have predicted how hefty the tag would be becoming Princess of a country in the middle of political turmoil that was leading to a looming French invasion in the 1960’s.

Philadelphia born – Grace Kelly would soon find herself playing out the greatest of her life – Her Highness, Princess Grace of Monaco.  After all, at some point every fairy-tale must end. The Princess struggles with her inner turmoil of being a movie star, a Mom or Princess with a very strong opinion.  So, to get a handle on things and be the Princess Rainier needs and expects her to be, Kelly enlists assistance with her confidence, language skills, etc…in order to gain control and silence her critics within France – the major one being Prince Rainier III.

GRACE OF MONACO, Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly, 2013. ph: David Koskas/©Weinstein Company
GRACE OF MONACO, Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly, 2013. ph: David Koskas/©Weinstein Company

When it looked like Prince Rainier III had been thrown under the bus by his own sister with French President Charles DeGaulle  in an unsuccessful effort to gain the throne, the Princess announces hosting a Red Cross ball to turn things around for Monaco.  Princess Grace comprehended what marrying into royalty meant.   It meant choosing family enough to sacrifice her own happiness, conquering fear and finding a way to make a whole country fall in love with her.

Nicole Kidman conveys the grace, compassion, beauty and serenity we all associate with the woman, the movie star and the woman we knew to be Princess Grace of Monaco.

Geraldine Sommerville as Princess Antoinette is deliciously devilish as the sister who betrays the monarchy and Parker Posey is almost unrecognizable as Madge, but effective and mysterious.

Originally making its debut at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, Grace of Monaco became available on Netflix as of May 25th.






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