Review: K-Town Cowboys


ktown-cowboys-poster.jpg_largeAren’t you ashamed that there are sections of your city or hometown that you never visit or even know about.  That would be the case with me and Koreatown.  I probably have been there a total of two times in 15 years for tea with friends.  So, needless to say, I had no idea it was called K-Town for short.

Just a few weeks before LAAPF (Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival), K’Town Cowboys was the toast of the SXSW Festival back in March where they celebrated their U.S. theatrical release. It seems as if history repeated itself here in Los Angeles.  The line was over 100 people deep and a mixed array of cultures and ages,

It felt like an Asian version of the old HBO series “Entourage”,  Based on the wildly successful web-series of the same name, KTOWN COWBOYS is a bro-mantic dramedy that follows a group of hard-partying friends who band together in Koreatown through late nights at seedy after-hour soju bars, karaoke drinking girls and even a stint in jail.  The whole journey has each  guy emerging as a better version of himself.


KTown was alot of fun and I was pleasantly educated about some Korean slang.  Not to mention the fact that the filmmaker Daniel Park is only 18 years old!!!  Here are few examples of the terms I spoke of (forgive me if the spelling is a little off)  For example…

Oppa (oh-pah) – Korean term for an older guy

Dohmi – Female helper; s modern day geisha where no sex is involved

FOB – Fresh off the Boat – Asian person with a funny accent

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