Adderrall, Ballarina’s, SNL and Goodfellas at 2015 Tribeca Film Festival


New York City was off and cracking with the 2015 Tribeca Film festival this year.

A few little know facts…

There were 492 Screenings and Panels of which 138,000 were moviegoers and a total of 467,000 total people in attendance. 41 first-time directors,  an all time high for TFF history of 32 female directors and the closing night film – A NYC favorite – “Goodfellas” sold out in 52 minutes.

Personally, I screened 25 films, mostly documentaries sprinkled with a few narrative features here and there.  Running from red carpet interviews to screenings I ran into Gloria Steinem and Minnie Driver, who looked stunning at best in a dark movie theater complex.

I watched Lily Tomlin as a pot smoking “Grandma”, the struggles and triumphs of American Ballet Theater’s first African-American soloist – Misty Copeland, the debate over “The Greatest Catch” in football with the New York Giants and Spike Lee and learned a lot about the politics of Zimbabwe in “The Democrats”, how a mustang has been built for decades in “A Faster Horse”, the addiction and high of bullfighting in “Gored”, witnessing the journey of “Roseanne For President”, listening to the stories of how the National Lampoon and Saturday Night Live are forever connected in comedy history and how “Misery Loves Comedy”…just to name a few.

Of course, I couldn’t be in the city and take in a few Broadway shows, eat at some fabulous restaurants that can only be found in NYC, catch up with old and new friends while making my way around the city via Uber and that lovely, smelly, entertaining NYC Subway…LOL

Check it out…



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