#TBT Guess Who


Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac were blazing the small screen on That 70’s Show and The Bernie Mac Show when they teamed up for the comedy Guess Who.  Guess Who was a cute little film taking a modern film on the classic film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.  This time the interracial couple was a white guy (Kutcher) and a black girl (Zoe Saldana).

Kellee Stewart played Saldana’s sister and her good girlfriends’ included Sherri Shepherd, Paula Newsome, Kimberly Scott, Jonell Kennedy and Niece Nash.

Since then both Nash and Shepherd have won Emmys, Newsome is in the new Kevin Costner film Black or White, Scott is tearing up the regional theatre circuit and Kennedy is hitting the film festival circuit with her new flick.

Kutcher just said good-bye to Two and Half Men and unfortunately for all of us, Bernie Mac succumbed to Sarcoidosis in August 2008.

Take a look back though to when he was still with us and doubling us over with laughter in Guess Who…

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