#TBT Diary of A Mad Black Woman


When I was in The Lion King, one of my good girlfriends loved these plays featuring a character named  Madea from a then unknown actor/producer Tyler Perry.  Millions of people across the country came out to see Madea and one of the first of many to be adapted to the big screen was Diary of a Mad Black Woman.  It starred Kimberly Elise, Cecily Tyson, Shemar Moore, Steve Harris and Tyler Perry as Madea.

It basically follows the journey of a black woman who is mad as hell about the way she has been treated by men until she meets “the one” who changes everything.  The film garnered NAACP Image Awards for both Cicely Tyson and Kimberly Elise and grossed over 55 Million proving to Hollywood for the first time in a long time that films starring black actors was a force to reckoned with at the box office.

Perry, now has multiple shows on television being showcased on Oprah Winfrey’s channel OWN and include The Have and Have Nots, Love Thy Neighbor and several others on the grid to debut.

Take a look back at Diary of A Mad Black Woman

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