PAFF 2015 Film Review: From Watts to Senegal

10945879_780529775333712_2882125454290520797_o One of the many docs I screened over the weekend at PAFF which made a lasting impact on me was the documentary –  From Watts to Senegal, a film that documents  children from the Imperial Courts Projects in  South Los Angeles and their journey to Senegal courtesy of the Foundation for Second Chances Foundation.

The most important lesson learned according to one of the kids was”…be grateful for what you have – it could be worse.”

Upon landing in Africa, one of the more memorable moments was their visit to the “door of no return”, where many slaves passed right into slavery and away from their native land.  The guides shared that in Africa, “…the masters would say that black people have no souls”.

Knowing that learning is considered a privilege for children of Africa,  the kids painted a newly constructed library and donated books.

A moment that struck me so  hard is how a young spirit takes in such an extraordinary experience.  When one child was asked what do they expect to see in Africa…they simply stated, “I expect to see me -every day of my life”

Check out this trailer and for more information on the Foundation for Second Chances –  go to


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