Review: Nightcrawler



Ever wonder while watching your local newscast to what lengths the paparazzi would go through to get the perfect picture or footage for the right price?

Nightcrawler throws back the curtain on such a seedy existence focusing on street thief Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his insatiable desire to live a better life at any cost…even lives. His desires go from innocently obtaining footage to maliciously masterminding opportunities to obtain footage and sell it by any means necessary.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a mastermind at portraying roles in which the characters seem odd, complex and a little mentally challenged. Gyllenhaal’s Louis Bloom feels a bit on the higher end of autism, as he is able to retain massive facts and dates with an ease that most people would find fairly difficult.

He was difficult to watch…not because he sucked, but because his performance kept you on pins and needles. You never knew what Bloom would do next or what he would get away with…which was brilliant acting with writing and directing by the stellar Dan Gilroy. It comes as no surprise that Gyllenhaal is a Golden Globe nominee and will surely be giving Michael Keaton a run for his money with an Oscar Best Actor nomination.

Rene Russo as News Director Nina Romina displays a tough exterior that is a cover for job insecurity and poor ratings. She is gorgeous, yet a savvy negotiator, which makes her equally ambitious and disturbingly maniacal as Lou Bloom.

My favorite performances in this film come from Riz Ahmed as Bloom’s loyal assistant Rick, Bill Paxton as nightcrawler competitor Joe Lodor and Michael Hyatt as Detective Fronteiri.

I love thrillers and this one kept me on my toes from beginning to end. I could never figure out what was about to go down next (which is very unusual for me considering the amount of film I watch).

I promise you…you will leave the theatre exhilarated and breathless!



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