Review: St. Vincent


Have you ever had a next door neighbor that you detest only to discover that you have to depend on them because you have no one else to help out.

Vin (Bill Murray) is having a bad life. His wife has dementia, His gambling debts are piling up. Everyone that knows him hates him. He’s grumpy, smokes too much, drinks, curses and fights.

What we learn about Vin is that he is a Vietnam vet who loves and cares deeply, but has a hard time letting his feelings bubble to the surface…unless it’s for his wife Sandy.

When it becomes increasingly difficult for him to keep up with the payments for Sandy in the facility she has been placed in, Vin reluctantly agrees to babysit for his neighbor and strikes up an unlikely friendship with the boy(Jaeden Lieberher) and his Mom (Melissa McCarthy).  Vincent even manages to keep a pregnant girlfriend (Naomi Watts) and dodge his loan shark (Terrence Howard) until an unlikely turn of events comes into play.

This film was perfectly cast and Bill Murray turns in a performance(his best since Lost In Translation) that doesn’t seem too unlike his real persona, but different enough to make you wonder.  Most of the characters seem a little underdeveloped with the exception being a few heart-tugging scenes with McCarthy.

St. Vincent is a good film, but left me a little confused.  Was it a comedy, a drama or a dreamed.  Playing in theaters across the country now…you decide.


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