Review: White Bird in a Blizzard



Shailene Woodley is the teen star of the moment! With the Divergent film franchise locked down and a possible Oscar nod for The Fault in the Stars, Woodley once again is letting us have it with her naturalistic style of acting in White Bird in a Blizzard.

Kat Connor (Woodley) witnesses the untimely demise of her parents’ relationship. The once perfect, happy couple turn into people they don’t even recognize and their undying love turns into contempt with a smile.

Eve Connor (Eva Green), Kat’s Mom, has threatened for years to leave her faithful husband, until one day she finally does…or so that is what we are left to believe.

White Bird in a Blizzard is a throwback to the perfect Hitchcock thriller, where you could never in a million years predict what is about to go down next. I sure couldn’t and was pleasantly surprised and shocked at the outcome,

Kat’s world involves her best friends Beth (Gabourey Sidibe) and Mickey (Mark Indelicato), her loser boyfriend Phil (Shiloh Fernandez), her Dad (Christopher Meloni), her older lover (Thomas Jane) and her Mom (Eva Green).

Two years later, after months of searching for Eve to no avail, Kat and her Dad elect to move on with their lives. Of course, the reality of this happening are next to impossible.

This film had my stomach in knots trying to figure out what the hell was going to happen next and I never did. I was left with my mouth hanging open at the outcome and you will too.

White Bird in a Blizzard was released earlier this year in September, but can be found on Amazon Instant Video. Rent it now…but don’t do it while you are home alone…for real:)


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