#TBT Jason’s Lyric

imageNowadays, Jada Pinkett is mostly known for being the wife of Academy Award Nominee Will Smith and mother to Willow and Jaden.  However, back in the day Jada was a Series Regular on the popular Cosby show spinoff…A Different World and was making quite  name for herself in Black Hollywood.

Allen Payne, was making his leading man debut, right off the heels of a successful performance opposite Wesley Snipes in New Jack City.

Jason’ Lyric, by all accounts, was an Urban Love Story that centered around middle-class Jason and his responsibility guilt he grew up with regarding the unfortunate demise of his Dad at the hands of his brother.  After meeting Lyric, he decides that it is time to move on with his life.  A life that doesn’t include being chained and bound with the ties of his brother.

As with most of the films in this genre….happily-ever-after always comes with a price.

Here is a look back at Jason’s Lyric…






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