Let's_Be_Cops_posterEvery actor is nervous about their first on-screen kiss…and  I was certainly no different.  After Booking a Guest-Star on the popular Fox-TV sitcom “New Girl” in an episode titled “Virgins” penned by show runner Liz Meriwether, but realized I had to kiss one of the Series Regulars…yikes!!!!  The name of that actor is Jake Johnson, who is one-half of the latest buddy comedy – Let’s Be Cops with Damon Wayans, Jr.



We meet Justin (Wayans) and Ryan (Johnson) at a point where they are both struggling in life, love and career.  Ryan is trying to find his identity after an injury prevented him from becoming a football star and Justin is having issues letting his voice be heard at work.  They attend what they believed to be a costume party as cops and discover that pretending has its advantages until they meet up and tangle with the wrong crowd.

Initially, I thought this film was going to be another silly buddy film.  I was sooooo wrong!!!  It was HI-larious and I totally smell a sequel on the way.

Johnson and his comedic timing totally translates from the small screen to the silver screen and ditto for Wayans (ironically enough they both worked on New Girl until Wayans booked Happy Endings on ABC).  I predict this film takes both of their careers to another level.

Let’s Be Cops in in theaters now…

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