Stunt Work and Spanish for Old Navy…Baby!

IMG_4346ok…so I went in for a trough of a OLD NAVY commercials and the one I actually booked was the mother load!  It was in English and Spanish!  I was like …they’re going to dub my voice right??!!  I don’t speak Spanish…LOL  I guess they figured I did with a name like CARLA RENATA…LOL.   Needless to say, not only was I not dubbed, but was jumping over a fast food counter yelling “Cerrados”…LOL.  Baby, it was sight to behold!!!.  Watching this butt in white jeans flying over a counter was a hot buttered sight!!!  It was not without its sacrifice.  I was bruised like I had been beaten within a inch of my life and  my body stayed that way for weeks.!!!  From what I understand though… it will be well worth it.  The spanish version was with Dasha Polanco from “Orange Is The New Black”.  She was lovely and we clowned around ALL day long.  The English version was with Amy Poehler and it was very clear why she is one of the hottest females in comedy right now!


Check it out…

Old Navy Dressses with Amy Poehler

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