Review: NON-STOP

nonstopAs a huge fan of action-adventure flicks and Liam Neeson, my excitement at seeing his latest venture – “Non-Stop” was off the charts!!!  It’s  a plot twist we’ve seen before in “Passenger 57”, “Executive Decision”, “Air Force One” and “Con Air”.  This is only the second time that I can remember where the character is clearly struggling with air travel on-screen post 9/11 (the first one being “Flight” starring Denzel Washington) and the usual character flaws instituted to instill empathy for its leading character/hero.

“Non-Stop” grossed 52M its opening weekend and will surely hit somewhere close to the 100M million mark before it is all done.  The plot was paper thin until the last 20 minutes where the majority of the action took place.  It was so explosive (no pun intended) that the audience at the screening burst into applause out of relief and anxiety of what we had just witnessed on the screen.

The biggest surprise was when Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o appeared in a role that boasted all of five lines, which she filmed after “12 years A Slave”.

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