Review: Cutie and The Boxer

Haven’t you ever run across an older couple in public and wondered how how they met and what keeps them together?

In 1961, Noriko came to the US as an optimistic, budding artist when she decided to go to an art show the the renowned Japanese pop artist Ushio Shinohara. This chance meeting would change their lives forever. Cutie and The Boxer is Noriko’s artisitc alter ego for herself and Ushio.

As their story is revealed, we learn a lot about Ushio and Noriko individually and collectively from a personal and artistic point of view. Like the title of their joint art showing says…”Love is…ROAR”! Love is an emotion that can tear you down or empower the best of you that life has to offer.

Taking in an afternoon of Cutie and the Boxer. You will be moved beyond words.


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