Blast from the Past

I missed the Kennedy Center Honors last night and needed a little pick me up this morning.

As I watched the tribute to Shirley MacLaine…I was reminded of the first time I went on as an understudy in THE LIFE. I was absolutely dreadful and as I wallowed in my self pity…looked up and there in the doorway to the dressing room stood Shirley MacLaine. What???!!! Needless to say I was mortified that the most infamous understudy of Broadway had just seen me crash and burn!
True to form…she walked over to me and was very kind and generous regarding my performance. She even shared her story of being discovered in THE PAJAMA GAME. It was an unforgettable moment that was captured on film with the rest of my female castmates backstage in the dressing room. Shirley showed me that failure…if you let it makes you stronger and better for the next go round…thanks Ms. MacLaine and Congratulations on your honor!


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