Love…Peace and SOOOUULLL!!!: Tribute to Don Cornelius


Today is the first day of Black History Month, but it also marks the passing of a television and radio icon…Mr. Don Cornelius, creator of SOUL TRAIN.

Every Saturday after watching my favorite cartoon, cleaning the house and eating breakfast I would sit down at Noon to watch my favorite artists sing their hit songs, watch the fashion on the Soul Train Dancers popping and locking down the Soul Train Line and become enamored each week with the cool, suave voice of Don Cornelius.

“The hippest trip in America” as Soul Train was referred to was the African American’s answer to American Bandstand, which was being run on the other side of town by Dick Clark.  It ended up being the longest running dance teen show in television history when it signed off in 2006 for the last time.

My cousins,girlfriends and I would go out Saturday night with anticipation of showing off the latest moves, fashion and hairstyles we had seen on Soul Train earlier that day.

I have many memories of high school and college that revolve around Soul Train and the genius of Don Cornelius, but they are summed up best in the sign off every week which was simply stated…”love…peace…and SOOOUUULLLLL”!

May your spirit find peace Don and may all prayers and good vibes be sent out to your loved ones in their time of grief.

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